Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boone Is Not A Viable Option Bill Passed By USG

(above) The Student Senate's Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap

Resolution No: 4 

Authors: Craig Hirokawa (SOCS Senator), Alisa Brown (Sophomore Senator), Zach Gonzales (AHUM Senator)

Co-Sponsors: Harper Hill (Chair of Campus Climate), Jackie Faust (Senior Senator), Katherine Snow (Off Campus Senator), Emily Wetmore (SECS Senator), Vanessa Teck (Senior Senator) 

Whereas; Boone is not the official school mascot of the University of Denver, nor is he supported by the administration of the university; and, 

Whereas; the Undergraduate Student Government acknowledges alumni support of Boone as a part of their history with the University of Denver, but recognizes that the campus climate has shifted, 

Whereas; Boone continues to be a point of contention for undergraduate students, especially surrounding matters of school spirit and who is participating in school spirit activities; and, 

Whereas; the Undergraduate Student Government allocates the Student Activity fee, with student organizations being the dominant recipient of this allocation; and, 

Whereas; the Undergraduate Student Government has attempted to establish an element of consistency among the student organizations, namely through OrgSync., Finance Committee visits, and standardized finance guidelines; and, 

Whereas; the Undergraduate Student Government has strongly advocated for and participated in the School Mascot Task Force because the administration has made it clear that which has made it clear that Boone is not a viable option for a school mascot; therefore, 

Be it Resolved; that the Undergraduate Student Government re-affirms that the governing body does not support Boone; and, 

Be it further resolved; that the Spirit Committee will help reinforce this Resolution by taking a proactive approach when approving or sponsoring any Spirit Committee events; and, 

Be it further resolved; The following committees, operating as direct subsidiaries of the Undergraduate Student Government, including the Academic Affairs Committee, Diversity Committee, International Student Committee, Senate Affairs Committee, Spirit Committee, Student Organizations Committee, and Sustainability Committee,
will not use their funds to purchase any merchandise with the image of Boone on it, effective immediately; and,

Be it further resolved; that the Constitution and Bylaws will reflect the spirit of the resolution; and, 

Be it further resolved; when the School Mascot Task Force has finalized, produced and approved, with administrative support, a new school mascot, there will be a 30 day transition period; at the conclusion of this period, any funds provided by the Undergraduate Student Government cannot go towards the purchase of any merchandise with the image of Boone on it; and, 

Be it further resolved; during this 30 day transition period, the Undergraduate Student Government and the School Mascot Task Force will notify the student body of all policy changes, hold forums for students and student organizations to ask questions, purchase a new mascot costume, and any other necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition; and, 

Be it further resolved; after the 30 day transition period, any entity funded by the Undergraduate Student Government that is found to be using funds to purchase merchandise with the image of Boone may have their funds frozen, at the discretion of the Finance Committee and their perception of prior understanding of the rules and the severity of the situation; and, 

Be it further resolved; that if an organization is found to have used USG funding for Boone merchandise after the 30 day transition period, the SOC will review the licensing status of the organization, and will convene to discuss the funding decision of the organization. Depending on the severity of the offense, licensing status may be revoked by the sole discretion of the SOC. After a second offense, licensing status will be revoked without exception. 

Passed the 26th day of February 2013. 

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution Number 4 was duly adopted by the USG Senate.
Senate Action:
USG Vice President USG President


Jason Starr said...

I'm confused, so it is in the USG charter to impose censorship?

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